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Likes: Price, availability and no modification needed to fit.
Improvements: Maybe a colour range?
Great quality cover

Fast delivery, great quality, easy to install. There is not much more Incan say about the cover, the installation was simple and fast, no drilling required. For easy of use for the first time you clip it down, I'd recommend leaving the cover in the sun for 10min as it allows a bit more stretch. The cover fits really well and the recommendation to let it heat is just what I find helps for the initial fit, by all means it is not totally necessary though.

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Likes: Reasonable price and good quality product

It was the right one and the service was great for it arrived quickly and was really happy with the product and price

NPS score:
Likes: It was easy to fit and looks fantastic
Improvements: Nothing. Delivery was quick and the product is outstanding
Awesome cover

I was a little sceptical but I was amazed how well this fit. I am very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone.

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Likes: Delivered in 2 days. Kept informed throughout process.
Improvements: Nothing
Great product

Had heard about generic covers and thought I’d give it ago. Was sceptical that tonneau cover would be a snug fit . Fitted all mounting rails and extremely happy with the product. No slack or low spots in cover. Excellent product.

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Likes: Quality cut and fit, excellent speed of delivery.
Improvements: N/A
Amazing service, great product

Ordered Ute mat online and product delivered in a few days, even before it’s predicted date. Packaged well and a perfect fit. Could not have been happier. Highly recommended.

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Likes: Easy to fit looks great
Improvements: Nothing
My new Ute tonneau cover

I’m very happy with my new tonneau cover!! Looks great, easy to fit and a great price. Thanks to Ute Gear Online 👍👍

NPS score:
Likes: Great price and prompt delivery and it’s made here..👍👍
Improvements: Nothing all good
XH tonneau

Great fit for the price..👍👍

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Likes: When you put something on the floor it’s stuck there
Improvements: Nothing
Incredible rubber mat

I honestly didn’t think it would work so well.
Even if I brake hard nothing moves!!

Item has not arrived.

Hi, my item is yet to arrive. Also I'm yet to receive a refund on a tonneau i send back. Please advise?
Thanks John

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Great product

Great fit ,great value

Fits great looks terrific, good price . Awsome customer service.

So Happy

Cover was sent super quick! So easy to install and it looks fantastic!
I recommend ute gear online 100%

VE tonneau Cover

Great fitment. zero stretch and looks great

Clip on Tonneau cover

I absolutely love my new Tonneau cover. It was super easy to install myself. Fits perfect and looks fantastic! Thank you so much!

Faster than COVID 19

Very very happy for several reasons it only took 3 days very fast and professional rite from me asking questions to purchase all made easy AAA+. Very good quality product more than happy

Budget but does the job...

Super fast delivery and great customer service from ute gear online. As for the tonneau cover looks good but paper thin, don't imagine it's going to last too long. On the brighter side the loops look well made and sturdy. But you get what you pay for I guess!

Box trailer tonneau cover -- Good product, can't fault it.

I do a lot of making stuff with tools, also a bit fastidious with gear, and I am happy with both fit and finish on this product. Strength of everything seems fit for purpose.

Some notes.
- Tie off. Another commenter here asks how to tie off the bungee cord. Bungee cord is slippery and most knots won't hold. For single-end tie-off, where you make a loop at the end, use an Angler's loop. For tying two ends together, use a Zeppelin bend. For details, Google "bungee cord zeppelin anglers" and you should see a nice article from Small Boats Magazine.
- Riveting the buttons. The kit comes with rivets but you do need a pop riveter. On the end gates you don't want rivets coming through which will interfere with anything you might be sliding across the gates when they are lowered. Similarly you probably don't want rivets coming through and interfering on the sides either. Nor do you want the front gate, when lowered onto the towbar A-frame, to be resting on the buttons. So choose carefully where you locate the buttons.
- Bar brackets. These are assembled and tightened with grub screws. These need to be seated into a dimple you drill into the side support bars. I used a drill press and found having a V-block with horseshoe clamp very handy here. The grub screws are better if you grind a chamfer on the thread end, to give them a shallow point that sits nicely in the drilled dimple.
- Length of bungee cord. I just wish they'd given an extra half-metre of cord. I had to locate all my buttons down low (to avoid interference as mentioned above). The cord is a bit too short for this, so is too tight. If you're not careful, you'll take your fingernail off. To get a little more length, I tied off the two ends separately with angler's loops. See photo. Even so, it's still a bit too tight.
- Not obscuring the number plate is a legal requirement. You have to ensure the tonneau and the cord don't cover the plate. I ended up with the cord crossing my number plate twice (see photo). I can't see a way out of that.

Ute Matting

Product was exactly as per online shop. Delivered in a timely manner.

Ford tonneau cover for BF ute

Hi Guys I received my Tonneau cover for within 4 days of the order.
absolutely stoked with it, a lot neater than the Genuine ford cover. fits perfect for a great price. Have recommended and will use this store again👍

Generic Rubber Non Slip Matting to suit your Tray or Van Floor (2700mm x 1800mm)

Navara 23 tonneau Cover

fairly Good for the price looks nice and tight fit. Instructions took me a while to comprehend though.

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Very happy, great customer service.

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Clip On Ute Tonneau Cover to fit New Mazda BT-50 Dual Cab - October 2020 to Current

NPS score:
Likes: Ease of use
Improvements: See comment re: length

A little bit too long to connect both front and rear bars.